WTF is a Bergamot?

Do you know what’s in your Earl Grey tea?

Legendary comedian Mitch Hedberg once asked “what the f*ck is a sesame?” Meaning we’re all familiar with the sesame SEED, but no one really knows what they come from, or what they would grow into.

Similarly, many tea drinkers know that ‘bergamot’ is they key ingredient in Earl Grey tea—but few take the time to ask, “WTF is a bergamot”? Is it an herb? A spice? A kind of plant? Some kind of algae or fermented fish paste?

I was in the same camp, not knowing (or caring) what a bergamot was until several years ago when I happened across a real live bergamot at a fruit stand in London.

Turns out it’s actually a green, wrinkly-looking citrus fruit!

One that smells AMAZING–but is relatively bitter. We bought one and used it like a lemon to flavor water, and it was great. In Italy they use it to marmalade. It’s magical scent is used in cosmetics and perfumes as well.

We use pure bergamot extract to lightly scent our Breakfast Grey Tea, as well as in our Lavendar Grey—both of which are blends of three single estate, full leaf black teas. Bergamot lifts what is already a very good breakfast tea to new heights.

So there you have it. Bergamot. The mysterious, wrinkly, green citrus fruit in your Earl Grey. Delicious.


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