What Happened to All the Parking? Project Update 6.26.18

Some of you may have notice there is some major construction going on out front of our cafe on Smallman St, which has made parking tough. Here’s a quick project update, as well as some good news on parking. 

Many of you, especially our regular customers–have no doubt noticed there is some major construction happening on Smallman St. It’s made parking for all of you, and business for us–a bit tougher, no doubt. I wanted to give everyone a quick update on what the construction is, how to mitigate the parking situation, and just in general give you a little sense of the magnitude of what (I believe) is a great project for the city of Pittsburgh.

First, the main reason for this post is to just tell you, our amazing customers–that we know parking is a challenge, and we sincerely appreciate you going out and battling the situation to still come down to support us, and other vendors in the Strip. We cannot stress that enough. We exist only because of you–and we know how frustrating the situation can be. But please know how much we (and I speak for a lot of other small business owners in the Strip) appreciate your effort and continuing support. Please keep coming, and we will keep striving to make the experience, when you do, even better.

Secondarily–yes, all the parking on Smallman Street is gone, for the foreseeable future. Probably until Spring–because the PWSA is replace ALL of the 100+ yr old sewer lines beneath it, as a prelude to a much bigger and more exciting project (see image above)–the revitalization of the historic Produce Terminal Building. After the sewers are replaced and the street rebuilt, work will begin on transforming Smallman St. AND the Produce Terminal into something a lot more useful and pedestrian friendly than it is now. The above image is just a rendering of what it could look like, but any time a historic (and long-vacant) building and street get put back to use, it’s exciting. The produce terminal will be primarily commercial (think restaurants and shops) and most-awesomely, there will be real sidewalks and places for people to walk, sit and generally enjoy Smallman St. like never before. There will also be a lot of new housing between the produce terminal and the river.

So what’s all this mean to you? Where should you park in the mean time?

The good news is that while the parking is temporarily gone from Smallman, there are a few great options:
1. Opening Sat June 30th, a 160 car lot right on the corner of 21 and Smallman will open.
2. There is another big lot at 16th and Smallman–from which the city/PWSA will be running a FREE SHUTTLE into the heart of the strip
3. there is also a big parking garage at 26th and Railroad St. for those of you who don’t mind a little walk

Here’s a look:



Again, we know parking is tough. Thank you for continuing to support us despite the temporary challenges. We appreciate it greatly, and we’ll keep you posted on the situation and any new developments.




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