Black Tea

in the Strip


Just like a breakfast in Pittsburgh’s storied Strip District—this tea is a perfect way to start your day. A unique, hand-blended breakfast tea, we strove for complex layers of flavor backed by the strong, dark, malty and slightly-astringent character that breakfast teas are loved for. However, unlike most breakfast teas which use cheaper, finely ground low-quality tea to achieve that body and boldness, we use a custom blend of three full-leaf single origin teas from the Satemwa Tea Estate in Malawi and Heritage Tea in Assam, India. Satemwa is a family owned tea estate that has been in business for over 100 years and has long been working to change the paradigm by making sure its workers and families have access to good healthcare, schools and other social programs. Heritage Tea is a collective of small tea farmers using natural farming methods and paying fair wages—unfortunately not common in Assam today.


Malt, Bold, Creamy Body, Citrus


Satemwa Tea Estate + Heritage Tea Farm


Malawi + India


Tea: 4tsp / 4g
Water: 8oz / 236g
Temperature: 210F
Time: 3min

Resteep many times. Add 15-30 seconds for each infusion.