Candy Relic De Fer Ceramic Cups

While doing roasting training in Portland OR, we stumbled upon some REALLY sick ceramics made by a really cool independent company called Candy Relics. We took note, and one year later, we’ve got some of the baddest cups around. Hand-made and modeled after the classic ‘paper cup’, these heavy weight, rubber dipped ceramic cups, also fit MOST to-go lids. Hard to convey the awesomeness of these in pictures or words. You really have to feel them.

Plus, if you’re into smoking…CBD, dro, what-have-you, they make some really sick pipes and bubblers.  They also make really wild vases for flowers. 🙂

We have 3 colors and two sizes, 4oz and 10oz. Keep in mind, 4oz is small, but PERFECT for ‘spro, sake, pretty much anything you want 4 ounces of.



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