This is our fourth year buying this zero-defect washed coffee from Kochere, Ethiopia–and it’s consistently one of the best African coffees we taste each year. Very light in body, but big on flavor. Bright citrus notes, balanced by a delicate, floral sweetness. We taste hints of vanilla and peach in there too. African coffee fans should love this coffee, but it’s exceptional balance makes it a good candidate for anyone who likes fruit forward/floral style coffees. And if you’ve never tried a lighter coffee, this is a great place to start.

Free Delivery & Shipping: To help the current COVID situation, we are offering free delivery for all of Pittsburgh and many surrounding neighborhoods for orders of 2 bags or more ($30+). Otherwise, we share shipping and you pay $5 flat rate anywhere in the US. Shipping as always free anywhere in the US for orders of $45 or more.

We roast all week and ship/deliver orders each Friday. Thank you!!


NOTE: If you choose “French Press” grind, expect it to be finer than usual. French Presses are great, but because of science, they’re not hugely efficient at extracting ALL the goodness the coffee has to offer. We fix this by grinding it medium, instead of course like conventional wisdom says. The price is that a few more of the ultra fine coffee particles make it through the screen and create a flavorful, albeit slightly opaque cup. In other words, we choose flavor over aesthetics. 🙂   If you want to keep your cup looking cleaner, choose a pour over grind.



Sweet Citrus, Clean, Bright, Peach, Vanilla


This coffee comes from one of the most well-known growing regions in the world--where unique coffees, terroir and growing conditions create some of the most exciting coffees in Africa. Our producer elevates this coffee to new heights by relentlessly sorting and managing to remove all defects--no easy feat. That ensures that not only do you get heirloom beans from coffee's homeland, but an extremely delicate, clean cup as well.


Multiple smallholders


1,800 - 2,000 meters


Heirloom (7110, 711140 & 7114265)




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