Tio Conejo

The result of our first direct-from-farm purchase, this coffee shows what small farmers in Colombia are all about. Bright, juicy, exploding with tropical fruit, yet balanced out by a sweet, chocolatey finish. Exciting enough for a special occasion, but balanced enough to drink all day.


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Mango, Orange, Honey


To know this coffee, it is necessary to know the Castellanos family. About 10 years ago, they bought land near Ivanov's home town of Manizales, so they could pursue a dream. Soon, they discovered that their coffee was actually pretty kick-ass. Since then, Cafe Tio Conejo has been growing Caturra, and adding in other varietals (which we will be bringing you in the near future).

They understand the impact their farm has on the surrounding community--investing in the environment, offering full benefits to employees, and working with neighboring farms to improve processing methods and get product to market.

Harvesting is done collecting 80% ripe + 20% over-ripe. The beans are pre-fermented with pulp for 12 hours. Then they are pulped and placed to ferment for up to 72 hours. Then it is washed and put to dry on raised beans, inside a Solar Tunnel. Once the coffee reaches humidity of 10,5% is stored inside ECOTACT bags to allow for anaerobic stabilization, and for the flavors to consolidate.

They also love visitors. If you've ever wanted to see and work on a coffee plantation in one of the most beautiful spots in the world, check them out:


Cafe Tio Conejo/Castellanos Family


1,600 - 2,000 MASL






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