This is the best “dark” coffee we have roasted. This coffee proves that African coffees can have huge body and complexity in addition to the bright, floral flavors they are typically prized for.

About a year ago we launched our first single origin dark coffee (Ceiba), and it was a smashing success. So we sought to replicate that approach with a fruity, complex, delicious African coffee. We roasted it dark enough to create the pleasant bitterness and astringency that fans of medium/dark coffee look for–enough to hold milk or cream. But we stop short of the point where the interesting origin-specific flavors would be covered up by the taste of “roast”. So though this coffee can take cream, it is still outstanding black. Flavors of dark cocoa, with notes of citrus and vanilla on the finish. Smooth, almost creamy mouthfeel and very big body. This is the perfect coffee for those who like bolder coffee flavor, but also value the unique characteristics intrinsic to the bean.

Orders received by 12pm Thursday will be delivered or ship Friday. Orders received after that will go out the following Friday. 

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NOTE: If you choose “French Press” grind, expect it to be finer than usual, so you’re guaranteed good extraction. Some ultra fine coffee particles will make it through the screen and create a flavorful, albeit slightly opaque cup. In other words, we choose flavor over aesthetics. 🙂   If you want to keep your cup looking cleaner, choose a pour over grind.



Dark Cocoa, Citrus, Vanilla


This coffee comes from one of the most well-known growing regions in the world--where unique coffees, terroir and growing conditions create some of the most exciting coffees in Africa. Traditionally, Ethiopian coffees are prized for their bright acidity and unique floral notes--and while this coffee certainly doesn't lack those characteristics, we've roasted it deep enough to build a nice level of body, tannin and bitterness, so that while it maintains those origin flavors, it also can stand up to milk/cream. Think of it as dark coffee, elevated.


Multiple smallholders, Awol Mohammed washed processing center


1,900 - 2,000 meters






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