This is the best Sumatran coffee we’ve ever had, no doubt. Much brighter, cleaner and fruit-forward than most Indonesian coffee–this one tastes of sweet citrus fruit, with a tiny bit of thyme or spice on the finish. Complex, clean and different–exactly the kind of coffee we are constantly striving to bring to de Fer.


Tasting Notes

Tangerine, Caramel, Spice

More About This Coffee

This coffee comes from Kayu Aro village in Sumatra, near the Kerinci volcano. This micro lot was comprised of primarily Catimor variety coffee, grown by approximately 300 small farms. Unique processing (a combination of traditional Indonesian wet-hulling and honey) creates a flavor profile that is less earthy and more fruit forward than nearly every other Sumatran coffee we have tried. The coffee is depulped but remains in its mucilage to ferment, then is Wet-Hulled before being washed and dried. This tastes much more like an African coffee than a traditional Sumatran, but it does retain some of the spice and complexity that we love in Indonesian coffee.

If you love light, bright coffees, but have never fallen in love with a Sumatran coffee--this is the chance to change your mind.


Multiple smallholders


1300 - 1550 MASL




wet-hulled honey


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