This incredible coffee was brought to us by our good friends of Tio Conejo in Colombia–though they did not grow it. It was grown by neighboring small farms, and was processed at small washing station run by Invercafe. Chami is a naturally processed Castillo varietal, and it tastes clean, fruity and sweet. There are also soft sweet floral notes, a honey-like sweetness and body, with bright notes of raspberry tangerine, and tropical fruit.

It’s worth nothing–though this is definitely a fruit-forward natural coffee, it is one of the most balanced naturals we’ve tasted in a long time. If you haven’t tried a naturally processed coffee before, or if you haven’t had one in a while—this is the one to scoop.

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NOTE: If you choose “French Press” grind, expect it to be finer than usual, so you’re guaranteed good extraction. Some ultra fine coffee particles will make it through the screen and create a flavorful, albeit slightly opaque cup. In other words, we choose flavor over aesthetics. 🙂   If you want to keep your cup looking cleaner, choose a pour over grind.

over grind.



Honey, Raspberry, Tangerine


We routinely buy coffee from Tio Conejo, a small family run farm in Manizales Colombia. Though they did not grow this coffee, the DID find this coffee and bring it to the States for us. Chami comes to us from other small farms neighboring Tio Conejo in Colombia. Most specialty coffee (and regular coffee) is still grown on small family farms in Colombia and much of the world--but often these small farms lack the ability to process their own coffee (and prepare it for sale/export and roasting). As such, typically they sell their coffee to a centrally located 'washing station'. Invercafe is a washing station in this region of Colombia that is known for quality--its proprietors are known personally by our friends at Tio, and they work hard to process the coffee very carefully, ensuring their farmers get as high of a price as possible for their high end coffees. This is our first time buying a coffee processed by them, but we hope it will not be our last. This is one of the cleaner, more balanced natural coffees we've ever tasted, and we know you will love it as much as we do.


Multiple Small Farms / Invercafe


1,800 MASL




Natural / Sundried


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