Cauca Plum – Limited Release

The is the first time we’ve dabbled with the exciting new/experimental processing methods that are starting make waves in the coffee world, and we’re glad we did. This nano-lot from Colombia was processed using a high-pressure, anaerobic fermentation method that creates absolutely wild flavor–probably unlike any you’ve ever tasted in coffee before. To us, this coffee tastes more like steeped-sugar plums than it does traditional coffee.

We have 42 pounds, so we’ll release less than one hundred 4 oz. bags. We plan to continue to look for small, remarkable, experimental lots like this to help us (and you) discover what happens when these remarkable producers push the boundary of what flavors are attainable.

**Please note this is a 4oz bag. (makes about 6 or 7 cups)

*All coffees are roasted to order and ship weekly on Fridays



Sugar Plums, Cherry Licorice


We found this coffee via the our friends, the Castellanos family of farm Tio Conejo. They didn't grow or produce the coffee, but they brought it to us on behalf of their friend Samuel Bermudez who grew and produced the coffee at his farm in Piendamo, department of Cauca, Colombia.

Bermudez explains this extremely unique process best:

"the flavors are achieved by Anaerobic fermentation in cherry for 96 hours under pressure, then wash and leave it in water for 48 hours (in mucilage, under pressure again) to extract the chlorogenic acids.

In drying the humidity is lowered up to 16%, then the coffee is stabilized for 8 days (Hermetic bags). The stabilization process (between 17-15%) allows the yeasts to modulate the secondary aromas, the precursors of flavor.

Flavors change due to the times, temperatures and microbial culture media that develop in the different phases of fermentation.

Then it is dried up again this time to a 11% approximate humidity. The latter allows the natural yeast of the coffee to act in the stabilized stage, giving some extraordinary flavors. "


Samuel Bermudez




High-pressure Anaerobic/Natural

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