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Our darkest roast. We stop short of making the coffee taste
of char–in other words, it still tastes like high-quality coffee. You’ll find very little oil on these beans, and they will still be brown (as opposed to black). However, we push it far enough that you can expect a ton of body, lingering finish and if you prefer to use cream, this will take kindly to it (though it does not need it).

We blend two single estates (one from Brazil, one for Colombia) to achieve balance and complexity–the Brazilian tasting of very dark chocolate with a faint aftertaste of ripe fruit, perhaps with a slight sear on it. If you ask us, this is as good as dark coffee can get–and early in the morning, or perhaps a cool rainy afternoon, damn if it doesn’t hit the spot.

Free Shipping: To help the current COVID situation, we are offering free delivery for all of Pittsburgh and many surrounding neighborhoods for orders of 2 bags or more ($30+). Otherwise, we share shipping and you pay $5 flat rate anywhere in the US. Shipping as always free anywhere in the US for orders of $45 or more. Local deliveries are made twice a week, so it will usually be between 1-4 days until you get your order or shipment. Thank you!!



Dark Chocolate, Toasted Brown Sugar


The Bessemer Process was essentially the first method discovered for mass-producing steel. The idea seems to have evolved concurrently and independently in both Britain, and in Pittsburgh. We like to think it was probably conceived of just a few hours early in Pittsburgh. The basic idea was to use a 'blast' of oxygen into motlen pig iron as a way to rapidly purify large amounts of iron, thereby getting it one step closer to steel.


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