Bella Vista

Shiny and juicy, this coffee packs a punch. Like fruit punch. Natural processing means the seed is dried with it’s fruit and skin in tact – creating a coffee that is sweet, fruit forward and big in body.

This is coffee you should feel great about too. Grown by a husband wife team and processed by the famous DelAgua co-op, which is dedicated to producing coffee while maintaining the biodiversity of the region which it’s grown.

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Cherry, Pineapple, Milk Chocolate


Jesus and his wife inherited their farm from Jesus's parents about three years ago and now oversee all production on the farm. They grow and harvest the coffee--then send it to DelAgua co-op for processing. The coffee is naturally processed and starts with a pre-fermentation stage of 24 hours. From here, the cherries are moved to the drying stage. Coffee is placed on African-style raised beds for over 25 days and racked and rotated every 4 hours.

DelAgua's main mission when it comes to producing their incredible coffees is to preserve water, and thereby the biodiversity and ecological stability of the region.


Jesus Mendinueta Castro & Family


1,360 MASL





10000 IN STOCK

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