Be The Bridge (Collab Coffee)

Sweet, smooth, juicy and light–this is truly great coffee with a GREAT mission:

Our good friends @ Commonplace Coffee have organized a group of eight Pennsylvania roasters to participate in a fundraiser called Be The Bridge, offering eight distinct commercial roasts of a single high-quality green coffee.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of each bag sold is being donated towards efforts to address food insecurity in the Keystone State.

Joining us in the project along with Commonplace are 19 CoffeeArriviste Coffee BarLa PrimaRedstart RoastersReginald’s Coffee and Rothrock Coffee.

Each roaster is handling the same green bean however it sees fit, yet all are packaged in the same bag type under a Be The Bridge label. A customized secondary label identifies the roaster and roast date.

$5 of every sale will be donated to Feeding Pennsylvania, a nonprofit association of nine food banks located throughout the state.

The coffee for the project comes from Minneapolis-based importer Cafe Imports. It is a Colombian bean from El Tambo, Cauca, produced by AMACA (Asociación de Mujeres Productoras Agropecuarias del Cauca), a group comprising 140 smallholder members who are women farmers and heads of households. Big shout to the group of Minnesota-based roasters took a pass at a single bean to benefit service industry workers under the name Minnesota Roasted for inspiring the idea.


Orders received by 12pm Thursday will be delivered or ship Friday. Orders received after that will go out the following Friday. 

Free Delivery & Shipping: We offer free delivery for all of Pittsburgh and many surrounding neighborhoods for orders of 2 bags or more ($30+). Shipping is free anywhere in the US for orders of $45 or more. Otherwise, we share shipping and you pay $5 flat rate anywhere in the US.

NOTE: If you choose “French Press” grind, expect it to be finer than usual, so you’re guaranteed good extraction. Some ultra fine coffee particles will make it through the screen and create a flavorful, albeit slightly opaque cup. In other words, we choose flavor over aesthetics. 🙂   If you want to keep your cup looking cleaner, choose a pour over grind.

over grind.



Mellow citrus, tangerine and a smooth chocolatey finish.


Check out the writeup in Daily Coffee News


AMACA (Asociación de Mujeres Productoras Agropecuarias del Cauca), a group comprising 140 smallholder members who are women farmers and heads of households


1,715 MASL


Castillo, Caturra, Colombia




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