Aponte Honey

A customer (and staff) favorite from the get-go, this is our fourth year buying this stellar coffee, and we’re glad it’s back. This coffee brings all the things we love in a Colombian coffee–brightness, nice body, complexity, balance, chocolatey-finish–with the addition of a honey/pear/apricot like sweetness–a result of the coffees unique “honey” processing method–whereby the coffee is fermented and dried with some of the coffee fruit still in contact with the seed.

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NOTE: If you choose “French Press” grind, expect it to be finer than usual, so you’re guaranteed good extraction. Some ultra fine coffee particles will make it through the screen and create a flavorful, albeit slightly opaque cup. In other words, we choose flavor over aesthetics. 🙂   If you want to keep your cup looking cleaner, choose a pour over grind.

p looking cleaner, choose a pour over grind.



Maple, Pomegranate, Pear


Narino, Colombia has been growing highly sought-after coffee for a long time. The Inga community of Aponte is comprised of descendants of the ancient, pre-hispanic Incas, and was once peaceful. In the 1990's, outside influence from the rest of Colombia came in the form of drug cartels and paramilitary guerillas, and the region became a haven for illegal agriculture and drug production. Following that dark period, after government intervention and lots of hard work, this peaceful mountain region was returned to the Inga community and a state of relative prosperity has ensued--much of the illegal crops and farms have been replaced with Caturra coffee plants. The regions very high altitude (avg 2,150 Meters above sea level!) and nutrient-rich ash from the nearby Galeras Volcano makes for an exceptionally complex and sweet coffee. Great coffee, and a great example of coffee providing economic opportunity to change lives.


Multiple Small Farms / Inga Aponte Community


2,150 MASL






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