de Fer is Hiring!

July 24, 2018:

We are excited to announce that we are hiring for very two critical positions. Please take a look at the descriptions below–and if interested email a resume and a paragraph or two about what would make you great at the job to And please be clear on which position your would like to be considered for. We get a lot of resumes, so we’ll do our best to get back to everyone–but please give us time. Thank you for your interest and time!

Superstar Cook/Barista/Bartender

We’re really not into job titles, and we don’t use them. We go by things like “Matt”, “Vanessa”, or ‘Dave” for instance. Our philosophy is that at a company like ours, we all need to be able to do pretty much everything–so that we can be nimble, help each other out and learn from each other’s varying experiences. So in general, we’re seeking someone who is extremely versatile and is seeking to build a career in food/beverage/coffee space. Initially, responsibilities would be primarily food prep, with opportunity to barista and bartend in the near future. Initially, this role would be part-time, between 12-20 hours a week–but hours will grow quickly with the goal of becoming full-time by October. It’s a fast-paced, high energy job–and we need someone who is extremely good at working with others, and providing amazing service to customers. Please note we are seeking someone who is looking to build a long-term career–not someone who is looking for a temporary or transitional role. There will be opportunity to advance, specialize and grow as we grow. Food/beverage/coffee experience would be nice, but is not necessary–however passion for and knowledge about food/beverage/coffee is an absolute must.

Community Outreach Manager

Again, we’re really bad with titles. This role is so important and broad-reaching, we’re really not sure what to call it. We’ll stick with “community outreach manager” until we hire you, and then you can pick your own title. 🙂 This person would be charged with helping us grow our business by making sure our space is utilized to the fullest (so event planning would be a big part of this role), and by building relationships with local businesses, cafes, offices, residential complexes and pretty much anywhere else in the local community where coffee is drank. This is a major opportunity for our company, and for this individual. It will be a very autonomous role, so we need someone who us ultra organized, creative, EXTREMELY hard working and can (with very little direction) find ways to do things that we have never done before. We need someone who will take it on their shoulders to push us to new heights, without waiting to be told to do so. If successful, this could be an awesome stepping stone in a career towards leadership positions in food, sales, marketing, event planning, general management–you name it. This person has to have it all, including professional experience in dealing with people and leading projects/teams and/or events. Coffee experience would be really nice too–but not necessary–though you will be required to learn EVERYTHING about coffee, so passion IS a must. There will be a salary component to this role-but the primary compensation will come via a share of revenue gained from business this position is directly responsible for creating. We realize that will terrify most people, but we know it will thrill a small, passionate few who want to do something great. If that’s you–let us know.




At De Fer, we believe that coffee and tea are as much about the people as they are the product. We support and partner with cafes, artists, grocers, restaurants – you name it – to create amazing custom roasts, beautiful art, and exclusive products. If you’re interested in becoming a bigger part of your brand’s coffee or tea offerings, crafting a proprietary roast, or having your art showcased, hit us up!


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