Coffee + Classes

Ever loved something so much you wanted to share it with everyone you know and love?

Well, that’s us with coffee.

It seems that in most instances, the more you understand something, the more enjoyable it becomes. Coffee is a prime example. It’s easy to love coffee, but once you truly understand the people and science behind it–and the breadth of experience that it can deliver–that love can blossom into something greater.

We know because we’ve lived it. None of us were born coffee professionals, but now that we’re in it–we think back on how much we enjoyed (and are still enjoying!) the ride, we just want to share that experience with others.

We’ve created three fun, low-stress, informal educational experiences that will help you understand coffee and–no matter what you’re relationship with coffee is–make the most of it.

  1. Home Brewing. Learn how to up your home brewing game across a variety of home brew methods including Chemex, V60, Aeropress and more. Learn how to taste for under extraction versus over extraction and most importantly–how to find the sweet spot we all dream about.
  2. Tasting. From a classic, chocolaty Colombian, to a sun-dried Ethiopian that tastes like a blueberry muffin exploding in your mouth–taste the incredible breadth of flavors that coffee can deliver and discover why.
  3. Roasting. This is the fun one. You’ll see how coffee is roasted, then you’ll get to pick out some green coffee (pick a single origin or try a wild-new blend!)–we’ll discuss a roast profile, roast and package it together–and you’ll take home five pound of it. Drinking coffee and/or beer during roasting is also suggested, though not required. 🙂

All classes are private and custom-tailored to your specific interests and level of expertise. All are fun, informal and take anywhere from 1.5 – 2 hours. From absolute novices to coffee professionals who just want to taste some coffee and talk shop–all are welcome. We need advance notice, but can schedule a class pretty much anytime of the day or week. Because of that, prices will vary based on day/time of week and party size. We can handle anything from 4-16 people (if you don’t mind getting cozy).

Classes are hosted at our cafe and roastery in our production space/loft overlooking the cafe. But for Tasting and Home Brewing, or if you have a lot of people–we can even come to you.

For more info, or to plan something fun–email our event manager


At De Fer, we believe that coffee and tea are as much about the people as they are the product. We support and partner with cafes, artists, grocers, restaurants – you name it – to create amazing custom roasts, beautiful art, and exclusive products. If you’re interested in becoming a bigger part of your brand’s coffee or tea offerings, crafting a proprietary roast, or having your art showcased, hit us up!


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