Coffee, Camping & Steak in the Fire

Coffee can (and should) be one of the best parts of your camping trip.

After spending the night sleeping on roots and rocks, awake half the night hoping the inevitable thunderstorm doesn’t wash us away while mulling over the fact that the nearest bear is probably about to sniff us out and plow through us protective dome of 1/64” thick nylon at any second—sipping morning coffee while drying out around a small campfire is probably our favorite part of camping.

So in our opinion, it makes sense to give camping coffee as much attention as you’d give it at home—and it’s really not hard.

We’ve tried everything from paper towel pour-overs to ‘cowboy coffee’ (just boiling coffee grounds in a pot).

Everything was either bad tasting, inconvenient, or usually—both.

Then, many years ago—we came across the Aeropress. It’s cheap, basically indestructible, quick, forgiving and makes undeniably delicious coffee. We pair that with a portable hand-operated ceramic burr grinder from Porlex, and our camping coffee is as good as anything you’ll find at a fancy café in the city—and given the atmosphere, probably better.
And if you have any leftover coffee grinds, you are in LUCK. Why not rub a big juicy Porterhouse and throw it directly into the fire? We’re serious. It may be the most fun you’ll ever have cooking a steak. And you will be absolutely certain to shock and awe your guests as a bonus. We’ve ‘tested’ both of these recipes many times, and you have our guarantee—it works, and it is DELICIOUS.

Here’s how to do it:

And here is the coffee-based rub that will make sure your steak tastes as good as it looks (click to follow link):


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