A New Bag for a Great Cause

We are excited to announce that we’ve partnered with the children at Angels’ Place to develop a beautiful new bag for our blends–and for every pound that sells, $1 will go back to Angels’ Place.

Angels’ Place is a Pittsburgh-based non-profit–one that me and my wife (Vanessa) have been involved with for years–because we believe very deeply in their mission and the positive impact they are making on our city. And we are now extremely proud to have created a partnership that will allow us to contribute to that mission on an ongoing basis.

Angels’ Place provides care, concern and compassion to young parents and their children–achieving two extremely important things at once: children get the care and education they so badly need at the early, critical development stages in life–while allowing young parents to remain in school, or at work. This allows them to create a better future for themselves and their families–helping them ultimately to break out of the cycle of poverty, low paying jobs and financial dependency that so many young parents can fall victim to.

In order to create this striking bag, Vanessa first worked with children at Angels’ Place to create the leaves, coffee cherries and flowers by first allowing the children to drop different colors of paint onto filter paper, creating a tye-dye effect that gives branch such a groovy texture. The colored sheets were then scanned and manipulated digitally (also by Vanessa) into the coffee tree branch you see on the bag in it’s final form.

Vanessa said the kids had an absolute blast doing it, and our daughters Ilan and Althea (who went along to help) certainly agreed.

Throughout 2018 (and hopefully beyond), we will put our blends into this bag, and for each pound sold in this bag, $1 will go back to Angels’ Place.

We realize it’s a small gesture, but if it generates a little cash and helps build a little more awareness for the amazing things that Angels’ Place is doing–it will be very well worth it. We’re already thinking of ways to build on this partnership in the future. Let us know if you’d like to help or contribute to future events/plans etc., and we’ll keep you in mind when the time comes. Go to angelsplacepgh.org to learn more about the fantastic services they provide–and if you’d like to help out too, give them a shout. They are wonderful people and would love to hear from you.

Lastly, a HUGE thank you to everyone (adults, children and parents!!) at Angels’ Place for working with us and giving us this opportunity to create something that is not only beautiful, but allowsus to participate in your remarkable mission.


Matt & Vanessa


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