$20 Wine Thursdays

Every Thursday, we are now offering a rotating selection of seriously great wine, for just $20 a bottle.

Ever since we opened our cafe, we’ve been blown away by how much great wine our friendly local importers have helped us find, and at very reasonable costs. This is our way of sharing this revelation with you.

Our goal here is not to make money–these will be sold at (or very close to) our cost. Instead, our goal is to help our awesome customers discover how many wild and wonderful wines can be found for around $20/bottle. And if you find a bottle you love, we’ll help you source it for your home if you’d like.

So grab someone who makes you smile, and come relax with a bottle of something new & delicious.


At De Fer, we believe that coffee and tea are as much about the people as they are the product. We support and partner with cafes, artists, grocers, restaurants – you name it – to create amazing custom roasts, beautiful art, and exclusive products. If you’re interested in becoming a bigger part of your brand’s coffee or tea offerings, crafting a proprietary roast, or having your art showcased, hit us up!


Free delivery in Pittsburgh (for orders over $30), and free shipping on all orders over $45 nationally!